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What is Still Target?

Still target championships were conceived 20 years ago to help turkey hunters better understand point of aim and point of impact of their turkey guns.

The competitions challenge shooters to put the most pellets inside a 3-inch circle on a paper target from a distance of 40 yards, the maximum shooting distance the NWTF recommends.

Each October, top shotgun shooters from around the world travel to Edgefield, S.C., to participate in the World Wild Turkey Still Target Championships.

Competitors fire more than 1,000 shots during the weekend-long event and are challenged to continually compensate for variations in temperature and wind as chilly mornings often give way to warm afternoons. .

The event gives everyone an opportunity to compete with divisions for men, women and youth.

"The ultimate goal of still target competitions is to reduce crippling loss and misses in the field, but it's also a great way for equipment manufacturers to improve their turkey hunting products," said Rhett Simmons, NWTF director of special events.

Proceeds from the annual World Wild Turkey Still Target Championships benefit Wheelin' Sportsmen NWTF, an outreach program that provides opportunities for people with disabilities to experience outdoor fun through nationwide events featuring hunting, fishing and shooting activities.

To learn more, read our rules and regulations.

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