Upcoming banquets in SOUTH CAROLINA:

South Carolina State Rendezvous, SC - 01/23/2015
McCormick, SC 298354431

Aiken County Local, SC - 02/06/2015
Aiken, SC 29801

Zach Farmer Orangeburg Chapter, SC - 02/07/2015
Orangeburg, SC 29115

Mac McEwen Chapter-Sumter, SC - 02/20/2015
Sumter, SC 29150

Turkey Creek Chapter - 02/21/2015
Barnwell, SC 29812

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Planned Giving

For more information. Please contact the NWTF Development Department at 800-THE-NWTF or via email at development@nwtf.net.

Gifts Through Your Will

Statistics show that over half of the adults in the U.S die without a valid will. Having an up-to-date will is beneficial for various reasons, and you should consult your attorney to ensure that your will takes advantage of recent changes in tax laws. We hope that while you are considering your will, you consider a provision for the NWTF.

Gifts of Securities

An excellent method of supporting the NWTF is through a gift of long-term appreciated securities. This method gives you two valuable tax savings. First, you pay no capital gains tax for the securities' appreciation in value. Second, you receive a tax deduction for the full market value of the securities on the date of the gift.

Gifts of Tangible Personal Property

Includes such items as books, artwork, furniture, Oriental rugs, automobiles, boats, silverware and jewelry. For these gifts to be deductible at their full market value: (1) the item must be directly related to the NWTF's tax-exempt purposes; and (2) you must have owned the item long-term.

Gifts of Real Estate

You may own a residence, vacation home, farm, acreage, or vacant lot that has appreciated over the years and therefore, selling it would mean a sizeable capital gains tax. By supporting the NWTF through a gift of real estate, you would avoid the capital gains tax and also receive a charitable deduction for the full fair market value of the property.

Life Insurance

You can use a policy that you currently own but no longer need, or purchase a new policy, to make a gift to the NWTF. At the time of your death, when the proceeds are paid to the NWTF, your estate would receive a charitable deduction.


There are numerous types of Trusts that people create to serve various circumstances. You should check with your attorney to see whether one might be appropriate for your situation. A few types of Trusts are: Unitrusts, Annuity Trusts, Charitable Lead Trusts, Remainder Trusts and Revocable Trusts.

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