Jason McAnally, Texas

Jason McAnally, Texas Hometown: Canadian, Texas Home Chapter: Canadian River Chapter, Canadian, Texas Family: Jason and his wife, Sonia, have been married for 16 years. Their sons, Talon (14) and River (12), are avid hunters who have recently turned their focus to archery. NWTF Member Since: 2002


Jeff Cowen, Texas

Hometown: Belton, Texas Home Chapter: Tri-County Longbeards, Temple, Texas NWTF Member since: 1998 Notable Fact: Jeff has served on the Texas State Board for eight years and as vice president for the Southwest Texas region for five years.


Emmett Wells, Texas

Born and Raised In: Cameron County, Texas. My first turkey hunt was 14 years ago. It was with another of our chapter board members, Robert Cackley, whom I've known since we were kids. Like most beginning turkey hunters, I was instantly hooked!


Dorothy McCarver, Texas

At our chapter's first WITO event ten years ago, I shot a shotgun for the first time. I was 49 years old. A few months later, my husband gave me a 20-gauge Red Label Ruger Over/Under shotgun for my 50th birthday. I am now approaching my 60th birthday and enjoy competing in skeet, trap and five-stand competitions and have become a certified shotgun instructor and help coach our county's 4-H Shooting Sports Project group. Three more shotguns have been added to my gun collection. My granddaughter calls me "Shotgun Granny!"


Dale Bounds, Texas

I've been turkey hunting for 25 years, and have considered myself a wild turkey freak for 15 years. The anticipation of closing the deal while hunting a gobbler is about all I can stand!