Upcoming banquets in SOUTH CAROLINA:

Little River, SC - 11/06/2014
Abbeville, SC 29620

Edgefield Local Chapter, SC - 11/20/2014
Edgefield, SC 29824

Piedmont, SC - 12/02/2014
Union, SC 29379

Neil "Gobbler" Cost, SC - 12/04/2014
Greenwood, SC 29646

North Augusta Chapter, SC - 12/05/2014
North Augusta, SC 29841

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Turkey Tips & Adventures

Turkey Tips

Reader's Tips - Good Vibrations
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Turkey Adventures

Start Now Creating Wildlife Openings
Whether you are improving turkey habitat on your own property, a hunting club, or if you are involved with a NWTF chapter project, now is the time to create openings or rejuvenate existing ones. Read more ...


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Turkey Recipes

Sweet Smoked Turkey


• 1 whole turkey

For each gallon of water, add the following:
• 1 cup Tenderquick or other liquid meat tenderizer
• 2 cups apple juice
• 1/2 cup brown sugar
• 1 Tbsp. Liquid Smoke
• 1/4 Tbsp garlic powder
• 1/4 cup soy sauce


Use hot water to dissolve the ingredients. Make one gallon to start with and omit the pepper, because it clogs the syringe.

Inject the bird all over.

Next, add the pepper and submerge the bird in the mixture. A five-gallon bucket works well. Make enough to cover the turkey and soak in a refrigerated area for three to four days.

Before smoking, air dry for one hour and rub with brown sugar.

Smoking time will vary depending on temperature and the size of bird. Expect to smoke your bird between five to eight hours.

If you would like to submit a wild turkey recipe to the NWTF's web site, simply e-mail the recipe and any pictures to webmaster@nwtf.net. If we like it, your recipe might just appear in this space.


Turkey Seasons

Click to In Your State for upcoming turkey season dates in your area.

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