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Start Now Creating Wildlife Openings

Whether you are improving turkey habitat on your own property, a hunting club, or if you are involved with a NWTF chapter project, now is the time to create openings or rejuvenate existing ones.

Access Florida

One of Florida's greatest resources is its extensive system of public lands. Hunting public lands in many states can be daunting and downright frustrating, but due to Florida's many tracts spread throughout the state, good hunting opportunities for Osceolas and Easterns can easily be found.

Image Quest: Photography tales from the pros

The art of wildlife and nature photography takes traditional photography to a higher level of skill and talent. Not only are wildlife photographers skilled with the camera and lens but also skilled woodsmen and women, who understand the habits and movements of wildlife and the temperaments of Mother Nature.

Chronic Wasting Disease and West Nile Virus: Are Either a Threat to the Turkey Hunter?

These days, it is hard to pick up an outdoor magazine without seeing some reference to chronic wasting disease. But that's a concern for deer hunters, right? The answer is yes and no. As for turkey hunters, there is both good news and bad concerning CWD. The good news is there is no evidence, as of today, that the disease can be passed to either turkeys or humans. But, if the disease is not controlled and continues showing up in wild populations, it could change deer and elk management programs, and possibly turkey movement programs, in the future.

Turkey Rumors

We hunters have an almost uncanny ability to draw the wildest conclusions from the most obscure observations. The wild turkey rumor mill is a result of this skill, fed by the creative imaginations of a few hunters and armchair outdoors people. Let's take a look at some creative, but unfounded, wild turkey rumors I have heard over the years:

Fall Hunt Frenzy

Thanks to the hard work of wildlife agencies and NWTF volunteers, and the resilience and adaptability of the species itself, the wild turkey population across North America stands at an estimated 5.6 million birds. This means more hunting opportunity and more chances for hunter success in every corner of the continent, spring and, of immediate interest, fall.

Guzzlers for Gobblers: Water, It's Not Just For Drinking

The landscape, sterile sand broken by ominous, gnarled lava flows and the occasional cactus, looked inhospitable to any kind of life.

Status of the Wild Turkey - Past, Present, and Future

Just a couple of decades ago, wild turkeys were not nearly as common as they are today. Few states had enough birds to hunt and states that did have birds offered only limited seasons.



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