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Turkey Pot Pies

Xtreme JAKES member Corey Slater of Mars, Pa., sent in this delicious recipe for turkey pot pies.


  • Turkey
  • Deep pot
  • Sturdy knife
  • Celery (three stalks, cut into large chunks)
  • Carrots (1 carrot per 4 pounds of meat)
  • 2 whole onions
  • Thyme (one handful, to taste)
  • Whole pepper seeds (one handful, to taste)
  • Potatoes (1 potato per 4 pounds of meat)
  • Your favorite thickening agent
  • Pillsbury ready-to-bake dinner rolls
  • Water
  1. Once you harvest your turkey, take off the head, legs (at the joint above the spur), wings, and tail and gut the bird.
  2. After gutting the bird, peel all the skin off (you can just peel skin off with feathers still attached to save time).
  3. If you wish, cut the breast meat out and use it in another recipe.
  4. Next start quartering the bird: Separate the legs from the main bird and place in pot. Cut the bird in half in the middle of its back (from wing to wing not head to tail) and place all of it in a pot.
  5. Chop one carrot per four pounds of bird and place in pot with the bird.
  6. Place two whole onions in the pot with carrots and meat.
  7. Chop a stalk of celery in big chunks and place in the pot.
  8. Next, add a handful of whole black pepper seeds.
  9. Add a handful of thyme in the pot.
  10. Last, push everything down as packed in as you can get it and fill the pot up with water so its roughly one inch above top of the bird.
  11. Allow this to cook at just below a boil until the water is an inch below the top of the bird.
  12. Let cool thoroughly.
  13. Once cooled, hand-pick the meat off the bone and place in container in bite size chunks.
  14. Throw away celery, onion and carrots.
  15. Chop up potatoes into bite size pieces (one potato per four pounds)
  16. Chop up three carrots into bite size pieces.
  17. Next, chop one or two sticks of celery into bite size pieces.
  18. Let that cook until vegetables get softened to your liking, then add the pulled meat.
  19. Let meat and vegetables cook for about 30 minutes, and remove from heat.
  20. The final part is to add your favorite thickening agent until you reach a good thickness.
  21. Place into individual portions or in containers and bake rolls and place on top.




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