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4 Tips to a Great Turkey Popper

What's Needed:

  • Wild turkey breast

  • Jalapeño peppers

  • Bacon

  • Cream Cheese

  • Toothpicks

Leave no seed behind: Halve about a dozen jalapeños then gut them so you won't inflame the sinuses and other senses of your guests' nasal passages.

  1. Italian soak: Marinate one wild turkey breast in your favorite brand of Italian dressing for 24 hours. Cut the turkey meat into pieces that will fit easily inside the pepper halves.

  2. Culinary glue: Spread cream cheese inside the pepper halves and place the turkey strips on top of the cream cheese. For insurance, add a toothpick. Wrap a bacon strip around the outside for a second insurance policy.

  3. The Not-Hots: Not everyone wants to cry and have hot flashes while they're eating. Another high-yielding garden pepper, the banana pepper, is a great jalapeño substitute.

  4. Grill Away: Place the peppers on the barbecue grill and cook until the bacon is done. Let them cool before serving (that cream cheese gets mighty hot).




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