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Fading Out?

Does your camo lose its color after a few washings? You can protect the color of your camo by following a few steps, and by treating your camo like you treat a fine bow or shotgun.

Before washing your camo, turn the garments inside out. You can then choose to wash them by hand or in a washing machine. Hand washing will give you the longest color life and can be achieved by taking a five-gallon pail of cold water and some baking soda and sloshing the camo up and down in the mixture a few times before letting them stand overnight. In the morning, wring out your garments, shake them out and then hang them to drip dry. This will reduce color loss by reducing abrasion and heat applied to the fabric.

If you need to use a washing machine, wash in cold water on the delicate cycle with baking soda and hang the camo to drip dry. If you're in a rush, use a clothes dryer, but turn the garments inside out and run on the short cycle just long enough to dry them.




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