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How to Make a Spur Necklace

Show off those long spurs by wearing them as a necklace or stringing them around your favorite wide-brimmed hat!


  • Draw two guidelines across the turkey's leg on either side of the spur for the saw to follow. The lines mark a section of leg bone slightly wider than the spur.

  • Cut through the scale and bone. Hacksaws, jeweler's saws and band saws work well.

  • Peel the dried scale and skin from the bone. A sharp knife will trim the skin around the base of the spur. Make sure you don't cut the spur cap from the bone!

  • Clean the leg bone by scraping with a knife, sanding with sand paper and steel wool and polishing it with a buffing tool.

  • Note that the leg bone is hollow. You can string the spurs on heavy monofilament fishing line (15 to 30 lb. test line works best).

  • Beads may be added as spacers.

  • Tie off the line to finish or add a clasp or a barrel connector . You can find these fastening devices at hobby shops and jewelry supply stores.




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