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Caring for Your Taxidermy

Lots of folks have emailed me asking for advice on how to care for their mounts this spring. When doing some research to help them, I found one of Rob Keck's old "Talking Turkey" columns, last published in the 1998 January/February Turkey Call. Hope this helps!

  • Don't place mounts near heat sources such as fireplaces, hot lighting or hot air vents.

  • Keep your mount out of direct sunlight - mounts will fade in direct sunlight.

  • Don't keep your mounts in damp areas.

  • Clean your mount with a dry cloth, brushing feathers in the direction that they lay naturally. Don't use a vacuum cleaner.

  • Check your mounts periodically for signs of insect infestation. Contact your taxidermist if you find anything suspicious.

  • Handle your mounts as little as possible. Feathers can become brittle over time.

  • Keep temperature extremes at a minimum. Constant room temperatures are best for a mount.

  • Clean glass eyes with a damp Q-tip.

  • Make sure all wall anchors supporting your mounts are secure and inspect them periodically to make sure they haven't started pulling loose.

  • Smooth the ruffled tips of wing and tail feathers with your fingers.




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