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Going Buggy?

Have your turkey beards been falling apart? The tail feathers on your turkey fans getting stripped to the quill? Is sawdust dropping from your prized cape? It sounds like you've got bugs, and they'll spell doom for your trophies.

Those pesky little critters, moths and carpet beetles, can really damage your capes, beards, fans and mounts. Fortunately, you can remedy the problem.

First, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Fresh skins should be scraped clean of flesh and fatty tissue. Skin and feathers should be dusted with household Borax, which acts as a preservative and moth deterant.

All beards and feathers not on display should be kept with a few moth balls in a closed container. Displayed fans, wings or beards should be lightly sprayed with Diazanon. Mounted birds can be placed in a plastic garbage bag and fumigated with an aerosol spray of Pyrethrin. Both chemicals can be purchased from your local garden store. Make sure you follow the instructions on their labels.

If further problems with bugs arise, contact your local pest control professional.




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