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Decoy Tips and Tactics

Fields and planted wildlife openings figure prominently into any turkey hunter's strategy. Birds will often head to fields to feed and toms prefer to strut in open areas where it's easier to be seen.

Set up just inside the woods where you can remain concealed, but have a good field of view to spot approaching birds. If using decoys, establish a clear line of vision for at least 100 yards and then place them at a set distance — about 20 yards from your position — so that you can tell when the bird is in shotgun range.

Decoy Safety Strategies

  • Never transport decoys uncovered. Many of the new decoys fold up for easy storage in turkey vests. Make sure the decoy head is not sticking out of your vest.

  • Always set up against a tree that is taller than your head and wider than your shoulders.

  • Establish a clear line of vision for at least 100 yards and then set up the decoys 20 yards from your position on the line.

  • If you see another hunter, call out in a loud, clear voice to alert them to your position. Never wave or make turkey sounds to alert another hunter.

  • Always check carefully that no one is stalking your decoys before leaving your position.




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