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Tube Calls - Give them a Try

The tube call is very popular with a select group of hunters, but is often overlooked because some consider it hard to find and difficult to use. However, it's for these very reasons that the tube call is so great in the woods - turkeys never hear them.

Kenny Morgan of Morgan's Turkey Callers patented the first tube call in 1973. Since then, other companies, including Hunter Specialties and Knight & Hale, have marketed tube calls.

Tube calls are excellent for tight-lipped gobblers because they sound different than the diaphragm, box and slate calls that get sent at them during the spring, and different can get a response. Tube calls are also good because they make all wild turkey sounds including gobbles and kee kee runs with a little practice.

Another advantage of tube calls is that they can be made quite easily using household components. All you need is a PVC pipe couple, butter lid, latex glove and a rubber band to make a call that will make even the most pesky gobbler puff up with excitement.

Download the pdf instructions on How to Build a Homemade Tube Call featured on the "Get in the Game" television show.




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