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Staying Scent Free

Staying scent free is crucial to taking big bucks, especially for archery hunters. Get in the Game recently sat down with Matt Morrett with Hunter's Specialties to find out how he stays scent free in the woods.

Get in the Game: Matt, the bowhunting seasons have start across many areas of the country. Hunters are looking for every advantage they can get to help them fill their tag. I see the Hunter's Specialties Pro Staff consistently taking mature animals on the "PrimeTime Bucks" and "PrimeTime Bulls" DVD series. I've tried spraying your Scent-A-Way products on my clothing and equipment, but so far I have had mixed results. What am I doing wrong?

Matt Morrett: Hunting success is all about attention to detail. If you don't follow all of the steps to being scent free, you will have poor results. I always start out by washing my clothing in Scent-A-Way detergent, and then I store them in one of our scent-safe bags. That way, they can't be contaminated by foreign odors. I don't dress into my hunting clothes until I'm ready to step into the woods. I shower with our Scent-A-Way soap right before I head to the hunt and don't make any stops at the local gas station or anywhere else that I can pick up unwanted scent.

Get in the Game: Do you still spray everything with Scent-A-Way?

Matt Morrett: Yes, even after getting as scent-free as possible, I spray Scent-A-Way on my clothes and hunting gear to eliminate any human odor. This includes all of my clothing, boots (don't forget the soles), hunting pack and other equipment. Pay attention to every detail, even your bow's wrist strap, your watchband and any place that can absorb odor.

Hunter's Specialties has a complete line of Scent-A-Way products including spray, soap detergent, mouthwash, toothpaste, deodorant and dryer sheets that help hunters smell invisible. Our Pro Staff has seen the results of paying attention to detail and practicing the Scent-A-Way lifestyle by the number of animals that we have taken that were downwind of us and never knew we were there. We all have limited time in the woods, so I encourage hunters to get serious about scent control and make the most of their time.




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