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Our ATVs are valuable tools when it comes to seeding and managing food plots. With limited time to work at the club due to our day jobs, we have standardized electrical hookups to allow for multiple uses on all of our ATV's and 12-volt accessories. Hookup is easy with a simple two-prong wire harness.

It is typical for the manufacturer of 12-volt accessories to include alligator clips or provide two prong wiring harnesses with their products. However, getting a solid connection on the battery and having adequate wire length to get to the battery is usually troublesome as clips vibrate loose and battery covers cut the wires.

Here's the solution:

  1. On accessories that do not have a simple in-line switch, add the switch to turn accessories on/off when not in use.

  2. Replace all alligator clips and wire directly to the ATV battery using wire connectors and also install an in-line fuse for safety.

  3. For a professional look, run the two-prong wire harness, using plastic wire ties along the frame and seat to the rear of the ATV.

We have never had a problem with connections and turning accessories on/off is a snap. After the initial wiring, (30 minutes to set up and $5 at auto supply) this setup has saved much time and hassle for our club. We can interchange universally between equipment, sprayer and broadcast seeder.

Jeff Westerhold, Glen Carbon, Ill.




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