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Poop Shoot

I bowhunt for deer at a Maryland state park that is covered with trails used by hikers, cyclists and horseback riders. Naturally, the horses leave biscuits along the trail, which I occasionally step in, in the dark.

It occurred to me, the deer are used to the scent (of horse biscuits), so should not be alarmed by it. I am paranoid about scent control, so surmised the scent from horse biscuits should overwhelm any scent I may emit.

I had a small mesh bag used to contain toilet articles during backpacking trips. Now, whenever I go hunting, I am alert for fresh horse biscuits. I carry a rubber glove, naturally, and place some fresh biscuit in the mesh bag.

I hang the bag just above my stand (beware of the wind direction). I may leave the bag when I know I will be returning that evening or the next morning and simply work it up, with the glove on, of course.

D.L. Colburn Via email

Smells Like a Nut

I am an avid deer hunter and very careful with scent control. I use unscented clothing and body wash, hang my clothes on the outside line, store my clothes in plastic, wear knee-high rubber boots and use unscented spray on everything.

The best cover scent I have ever used is green walnuts.

I pick up the ones that have the hard green skin or pick a fresh one right off the tree. For best results, rub them on your clothing and stick a couple in your pockets. Once rubbed, they emit a strong but all-natural odor. You can throw them in with your clothes and even drop one down each boot.

I like to say I am scent free and smell like a walnut tree.

Robin Hassinger, Cassopolis, Mich.




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