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NWTF Members' Tips

Fire for Outdoor Survival

When cutting firewood, put aside some small fine dry pieces and put in a plastic re-sealable bag with some tissue paper and matches. You never know when you may get stranded in the woods and need a fire for warmth or signal fire.

Mike Pitts, Houma, La.

Easily Identify Your Meat

We elk hunt every year, and at the end of the hunt we divide up the meat between all the hunt participants (eight to12 people). When it comes time to divide up the meat, we have no way of knowing whether or not the hindquarter, front shoulder or loin came from a cow, bull or calf.

In order to identify the hunter and where the meat came from, we use wire tags and attach the name of the hunter and identify the part and if it was from a bull, cow or calf.

That way if the individual who shot the animal wants their elk meat, we have a way of identifying it. This works great and everyone is happy with their meat at the end of the hunt.

Mike Spanel, Eldorado, Ill.




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