Upcoming banquets in SOUTH CAROLINA:

Little River, SC - 11/06/2014
Abbeville, SC 29620

Edgefield Local Chapter, SC - 11/20/2014
Edgefield, SC 29824

Piedmont, SC - 12/02/2014
Union, SC 29379

Neil "Gobbler" Cost, SC - 12/04/2014
Greenwood, SC 29646

North Augusta Chapter, SC - 12/05/2014
North Augusta, SC 29841

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Tools of the Trade — The "Dirty" Dozen

Keep these tools ready to use year-round to help keep your firearms in top condition:

•Basic home cleaning kit with cleaning rods and properly sized brushes, jags and cleaning patches for each caliber/bore you own
•Gun vise with non-marring rests and good clamps
•Extra supply of oil, solvents/cleaners and lubricants
•Supply of clean towels and rags, preferably lint free
•Soft-faced, spillproof, rubber cleaning mat
•Old toothbrushes and/or wire brushes, toothpicks and Q-Tips
•Gunsmithing screwdrivers
•Field cleaning kit (fits in coat pocket, bag or backpack for field use)
•Bore light for home use and a pen light for field use
•Comprehensive manual on cleaning and maintaining firearms
•Dessicant canisters or electric rods to keep your firearms dry when stored
•Quality gun cases, both hard and soft styles, and a good cabinet or vault at home

Most can be purchased through OutdoorDealHound.com, from NWTF's partners or local retailers.




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