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5 Tips for Pot Turkey Call Maintenance

Whether your pot-and-peg turkey call is made of glass, aluminum, slate or some other material, general maintenance is necessary to make it last for many hunting seasons. Here are five tips to help extend the life of your call:

  1. Always keep fingers, other oily surfaces and dust off the striking surface.

  2. Use holsters, storage pouches, hunting vest pockets or plastic bags to carry your pot calls or for storing them. Store calls in a cool, dry place to prevent warping of the call's wooden chambers.

  3. Keep the calling surface sanded, and only sand in one direction or in a circular motion. Sanding helps remove residue, which can clog the pores of a calling surface.

  4. Use sandpaper, light steel wool or a sanding stone to rough up the call's surface. A good guide is to use 220-grit sandpaper for slate and heavier grit for other surfaces.

  5. It's also important to lightly sand your striker tips with an emery board to clean them of oil and dirt. Like your calls, sand the striker in one direction.




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