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Sit and Hunt in Comfort

It’s the golden rule of turkey hunting: sit still, but if you’re not comfortable, or in pain, then staying still and alert is agonizing. Here’s some advice to help you follow this golden rule:

Sit Smart

Your ultimate objective is not only to sit still, but also to stay concealed and quiet. To do this, get a seat that is camouflaged. Also, high-quality padding, high backrests, elbow rests or an extra-large seat size will make a big difference. And finally, look for materials that will not make loud, scratchy noises, and avoid features that produce game-spooking squeaks, pops and clanks. Everyone has his or her own preferences when it comes to comfort. Test out a variety of products before you buy, and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the product feel comfortable when I sit on it?

  • How easily does the seat pack away for transport?

  • Is the seat convenient to carry in and out of the woods?

  • What the level of waterproofing does it have?

  • Is the seat quick to set up?

  • Does the seat adjust positions to make it more comfortable?

  • Does it accommodate uneven hunting terrain?

  • What is your ability to rotate shooting positions while sitting in the seat?

Seat Types

All types of hunting seats have a place in the turkey woods. Some seats are best for when running and gunning, others work great when sitting a few hours while set up in a travel or strut zone, and playing the waiting game. All of the following seat types are designed to help you sit still longer. And that means you’ll become a more successful turkey hunter:

  • Advanced Vests – When on the go, top-of-the-line vests with good cushions and backrests can provide instant, sit-down comfort.

  • Take-Along Cushions – Generously padded cushions often provide an easy-to-carry barrier between you and the cold earth.

  • Ground Seats – Flat, fold-up ground seats with connected back-panel support to help avoid your back becoming sore or fatigued.

  • Low-profile Chairs – Low-to-the-ground chairs offer high-backrests and adjustable options designed for extra long sits.

  • Ground Blind Seats – When hunting out of a portable ground blind you need a standard-height chair without sacrificing agility and mobility.

One Seat Can’t Do it All

Changing your hunting location or technique calls for investing in multiple types of seats. For example, a comfortable turkey vest with an attached cushion is perfect for hunting on the go, but when you need to conduct a long sit to wait out a gobbler, ditch the vest and take a ground seat. Or use both your vest cushion and a low-profile chair.

Sitting still truly is a key to turkey hunting success. So when it comes time to make your final purchasing decision, treat your butt like royalty! Keeping your backside happy is well worth the investment.

J.J. Reich




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