Protect Your Firearms When Traveling

There’s no doubt that a road trip to another state for hunting is an exciting adventure. Packing your gear, traveling to and from, the camaraderie with friends… it all adds up to wonderful memories.

One thing you don’t want to forget, however, is to take care of your firearms when you travel. No matter if you’re headed down the road to your lease or across the country, taking care of your firearm could make the difference between coming home with a wall-hanger or eating tag soup.

I’ve traveled enough with both rifles and shotguns to know that it can sometimes be a pain, but if you don’t take certain precautions, the first day in camp can leave you with a sore shoulder from having to sight in time and time again. The next time you have to travel for a hunt, try making a checklist. The ideas below will start you in the right direction.

  1. Make sure the bolt of your rifle is taken out, or the action of your shotgun is open in the case. Security officials at airports have a hard enough time knowing the rules so it’s always a good idea to not give them cause to send you through that extra screening.

  2. Ensure your ammunition is in its original box, packed in your checked bag NOT your firearms case. And don’t forget to put any lose shells back in the box on your return trip.

  3. Pack a small gun cleaning kit like Otis Technologies’ Lil’ Pro pack. It’s small enough to fit in your toiletry bag, but carries enough to make sure you can clean your firearm while on the road. There’s nothing worse than getting caught in a rainstorm and having your gun jam the next day because it’s rusted shut.

  4. Anytime you can, pack extra clothes around your firearm in the case. The extra padding will make sure your scope doesn’t get bumped around too much, and it can also free up space in your checked bag.

  5. Above and beyond everything else, check the airline regulations for your trip to make sure you follow the rules. Don’t miss a flight because you thought you knew them.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure a great trip doesn’t get off to a terrible start.

Matt Coffey




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