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After the Hunt: Mounting Decisions

Days of scouting and trudging up hills, through swamps and across creeks with a shotgun and a gear-laden turkey vest have finally paid off. You bagged a trophy gobbler, but now what do you do?

Your choices here are varied and many: Do you send it off to a taxidermist for a full-body mount? Do you make a beautiful wall-mounted cape? Do you make a fan mount? Or do you clean it and eat it?

This often-difficult decision has to be made with expedience, as soon after the shot as possible, to prevent your fine specimen from turning into a mess.

A Full-Body Mount

Creating a beautiful full-body mount of your trophy tom begins in the field, right after you shoot.

“The main thing that affects the quality of a mount is how the bird is handled before a person brings it to a taxidermist: treat the bird like a piece of glass.” That’s the advice from world champion taxidermist Cally Morris on making sure your bird makes a great mount. Morris, who also has judged NWTF national taxidermy contests, owns Hazel Creek Taxidermy in Green Castle, Mo. They mount about a 1,000 turkeys each year, shipped in by turkey hunters from all over North America. Read more.

Wild Turkey Cape

A full-body mount by a reputable taxidermist is a beautiful way to display your trophy bird, though it can be costly and space can be an issue.

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, one of the easiest and least-expensive ways to display a beautiful turkey is by creating a cape of your turkey’s feathers. Read more.

Fan Mount

Fan mounting a wild turkey is not only beautiful, it's easy to do with just a few household items. The process is similar to making a cape, though a fan mount has a few added steps to help keep the fan in position once it is dry. Read more.

Spur Necklace

Show off those long spurs by wearing them as a necklace or stringing them around your favorite wide-brimmed hat!

  1. Draw two guidelines across the turkey’s leg on either side of the spur for the saw to follow. The lines mark a section of leg bone slightly wider than the spur. Read more.




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