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Your TV and stereo remote controls are extremely important accessories when it comes to turkey hunting. Why? Because turkey calls that include instructional DVDs or CDs are valuable tools that teach you how to improve your calling ability.

All the major game call manufacturers provide turkey calls that include instructional materials. Take advantage of this valuable bonus education. There are many products out in the marketplace, but here are just a few prime examples:

  • H.S. Strut University Series – these combination packs join H.S. Strut’s most popular calls with detailed 30-minute DVDs, hosted by various members of Hunter’s Specialties Pro Staff. The “Silencer Plus” Field Champion Natural Wild Turkey Box Call produces hen and gobbler calls. The built-in Silencer Plus lock restricts all sound when walking. The “Ring Zone” Slate Wild Turkey Call is scientifically designed to reproduce the same sound waves as wild hen. It includes cross-cut hickory striker and instructional video on how to use pan friction calls. The “Real Strut Talk” mouth call kit features a DVD with actual turkey sounds and all the turkey vocabulary, taught by the real turkeys. This kit includes Premium Flex Cutt'n 2.5, E-Z Rasp and Split V III wild turkey diaphragm calls with Infinity Latex.

  • Primos Mastering The Art Turkey Mouth Calls Made Easy CD 3-Pack – this kit includes their Mini A-Frame and Sonic Dome double-reed calls, an original Many Beards triple-reed call, and a call case. Listen to the audio CD and practice along with Will Primos and Troy Ruiz, as they give you detailed instructions and tips on how to become an expert caller. Sold separately, Primos’ “Mastering The Art Guide To Spring Turkey” features six video-taped hunts and lessons on how to master the locator, box, friction, mouth and specialty calls. It also includes product demonstrations, facts about wild turkey subspecies and other advice.

Solo CDs and DVDs are available from other companies too:

  • Cody’s Slate Glass & Box Training and Maintenance – this DVD is an in-depth video whereby expert call maker Bill Zearing unveils his time-proven tips and techniques for turkey calling. You see how to do it all with a box call, as well as a slate or glass call. Zearing reaches deep and shows you step-by-step how to produce clucks, cutts, purrs, cackles and many other sounds that go way beyond the yelp.

  • Woodhaven’s “Get Real Tree Top Turkeys Volume 2” – is a 60-minute, audio CD featuring 100-percent real wild turkeys digitally recorded in the woods, with commentaries, discussions and instructions by Woodhaven’s Sting Team.

  • ZINK Turkey Time University Volume 1 & II – the Zink Calls Crew takes the mystery out of mouth calls and friction calls with these ground-breaking instructional DVDs: Mouth Calling Basics and Friction Calling Basics. The creatively-produced videos feature Grand National and World calling champions that will quickly have you sounding like hen turkeys.

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, buying a call that starts you off on the right track and then continues your turkey-calling education is a smart move. Practice your calling skills while watching or listening to instructional materials before every hunt, and you’ll celebrate more success!

JJ Reich




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