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Bust 'Em Up - Scattering Fall Flocks

Hunting autumn turkeys is nothing like locating and calling gobblers in the spring. In the fall, the chief tactic is to scatter a flock, then try calling it back in. But just because a flock flew off, doesn’t mean it scattered properly. Hunters often waste time calling turkeys that merely spooked and flew off together in the same direction.

Try these scatter-and-call tips:

  1. Sneak as close as possible, using what cover is available.

  2. Look carefully to see what the flock is made of; this will affect the way you call and what strategy you employ.

  3. Rush straight at the flock, making as much commotion as possible. Many hunters shout or fire their shotguns in the air. This is an excellent method, but only if you make sure not to shoot so closely that you accidentally cripple a turkey. You also should never run while carrying a firearm.

  4. If the birds merely spooked in a single direction, don't give up. Mark their landing area and quickly move to that spot.

  5. Locate the birds and rush them again. It is important to split them up. Once properly split, set up as instructed in step 4 and begin calling. Staying at the “break point” is key to your success because that’'s where the birds will attempt to regroup.




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