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Go With Aluminum

Add an aluminum call to your turkey vest and you will definitely increase that variety of sounds you produce.

Aluminum calls sound different than slate and glass calls because of the surface material’s texture. Aluminum is rougher than glass or slate. This rougher surface causes more vibration, and a higher pitch, which is better suited for these specific turkey sounds: excited yelps or cutts, and especially the higher-pitched whistling sounds needed to make the kee kee. This is the reason so many hunters use aluminum calls in the fall: they want to mimic the high tones of young turkeys.

Aluminum pot-and-peg calls are very popular. Numerous game call manufacturers produce them, including these three good options:

  1. The Metal Yell from Knight and Hale is an all-aluminum pot call. Its metal calling surface produces anything from loud yelps to soft purrs. Its durable construction delivers all-weather performance. The unique metal pot with built-in sound board is ultra-thin and super strong. It easily fits in any pocket and is a great all-around call that produces excellent sound to fool gobblers.

  2. The Magnum Aluminum from Derby City has a chamber (pot) that is shaped to resemble the inside cartridge chamber of a .44 Magnum handgun. This unique shape not only looks cool, it provides perfect places to grip the call with your fingertips. The Magnum features large, round acoustic holes in the bottom of the chamber with a green, anodized aluminum calling surface over a glass sounding board.

  3. The Thunder Ridge Aluminum from Zink Calls offers a high-quality, durable, injection-molded sound chamber with a non-slip ring around the call’s edge. It features an aluminum calling surfaces over a glass soundboard to provide long-distance volume and excellent sound quality.

Calling Tip – “I kee kee with a Thunder Ridge Aluminum Call and Custom Flared Tipped Striker,” explained Josh Grossenbacher, champion contest caller and Turkey Call Manager for Zink Calls. Before I can kee kee, I rough up the top edge of the call really good, using a rough Scotch-brite pad. This creates grooves in the aluminum surface. Then, using the striker, I make long straight lines on the aluminum surface, going with the grain of the grooves. I will do this as long as it takes for aluminum to build up on the tip of the striker. When the aluminum builds up on the tip, the coating makes the striker easily glide across the aluminum surface, giving it a truer whistle with zero rasp in it.”

But wait a minute, pot calls aren’t the only turkey calls make of aluminum! The Heavy Metal Box by M.A.D. Game Calls is constructed with thin, black-anodized aircraft-grade aluminum sidewalls. The underside of American walnut lid is coated with a proprietary formula that makes this box call waterproof and chalk-free. This unique combination of wood and aluminum yields realistic, high-pitched sounds. Its hardwood end blocks are angled to produce a different pitch on each side of the box; this achieves different sounds.

Higher-pitched and louder volume make aluminum calls ideal for use as a long-distance locator call. Different tones and pitches help lure in gobblers that have heard it all. If you already use a traditional slate or box call, try a higher-pitched aluminum call to diversify to your sounds.

JJ Reich




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