Making a Feather Wreath

While the holidays are the biggest decorating time of the year, many people decorate to match the seasons. A great decoration that can be changed for the season with just a few accessories and a little bit of time is a feather wreath.

A feather wreath makes a great project when the weather is bad and the family is stuck inside, and it utilizes the turkey feathers that are sitting around in storage.

To get started you need:

  • 1 10-inch straw wreath form

  • Mix of 50-60 gobbler and jake tail feathers (make sure curvature of feathers is the same)

  • 1 pencil (may need pencil to pilot holes for feathers)


1. Start with a 10-inch straw wreath form (available at craft stores) and about 50 to 60 gobbler tail feathers.

2. With wreath resting on flat base, place first row of feathers about two-thirds of way down wreath form. Place feathers about three to four inches apart.

3. Make second row of feathers about one-half inch up from first row, and offset second row about one-half inch. At this point, start placing feathers closer together in rows.

4. Make about four rows of feathers. You may want to use feathers from a jake on the top row. Feathers from jakes are shorter and help give the top portion of the wreath a fuller, layered appearance.

5. Hang the wreath on the front door. Find a bow or other arrangement to match the season and attach it to base of wreath.


When you are finished constructing your wreath, step back and look it over — use remaining feathers to fill holes as needed. Use wreath on door protected by an overhang. Think about adding feathers from the different subspecies of wild turkeys.




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