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Mouth Call Maintenance

As the season comes to a close, one way to get a jump on next year is to make sure you keep your calls in good working order. This is particularly true of your mouth calls, which can dry out if not properly stored.

Mouth call care should begin as soon as the call comes out of the package. It should be washed with warm water to remove any latex residue. Then, if you like, spray it with an antiseptic.

After use, put your mouth call in a case or a plastic bag and place it in the refrigerator. This will provide a dark, cool environment, and the colder temperature will tighten the latex reeds, which will provide optimum sound.

A flat toothpick is also helpful in mouth call care before and during storage. Run the toothpick between the reeds to clean them, always being careful not to tear the latex. When storing, place a toothpick between the reeds, so they won't stick together between uses.

A word of caution: store your mouth calls away from heat sources. Heat will cause the latex to expand, lose pliability and create too much vibration when used.




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