Slate Call Maintenance

Pot and peg calls, also known as slate calls because of the primary material they were once made of, now come in a variety of surfaces. Whether your call is made of glass, aluminum, slate or some other material, using some general maintenance rules can make them last for many hunting seasons.

Most importantly, always make sure to keep fingers, other oil surfaces and dust off the striking surface. Use storage pouches, holsters or plastic bags when you are carrying your slate calls or storing them. Store your calls in a cool, dry place to prevent the warping of the call's wooden chambers.

Keep your call surfaces sanded, and only sand in one direction. Never sand back and forth and certainly not in a circular motion. Sanding in one direction makes for a more reliable sounding sweet spot from which to pull your best calls.

Use sandpaper, light steel wool or a sanding stone to rough up the surface of the call. A good rule of thumb is to use light grit sandpaper for true slate calls and heavier grit for other surfaces.

It's also important to lightly sand your striker tips with an emery on a regular basis to clean them of oil and dirt. Like your calls, sand the striker tips in one direction as well.




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