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With a great vibe of southern rock and Cajun blues backing the outstanding video, it won’t take long to realize you’re watching a whole new type of outdoor television show when you tune into the new “NWTF 365.”

“NWTF 365” showcases the wide impact of the NWTF’s upland conservation work and how that work helps bring you the best in hunting deer, quail, elk, waterfowl, doves and much more. "NWTF 365" is presented by Mossy Oak.

“NWTF 365” will take you along on hunts with dedicated NWTF members to pursue the most popular game species throughout the nation - from whitetails and elk to predators and waterfowl. Each show will capture the pursuit of a different game species at premier locations throughout the nation.

Every episode of “NWTF 365” also will feature expert tips and tactics from Mossy Oak’s Ronnie “Cuz” Strickland. With contributions from the best wildlife biologists and hunters across America, every episode of “NWTF 365” will feature a segment exploring critical topics and challenges facing hunters and the game they pursue.

“NWTF 365” will have the highest production quality, compelling camera shots and an upbeat soundtrack sure to excite viewers looking for hunting adventures that connect with their upcoming hunting seasons.

The one thing you won’t see on “NWTF 365” are any spring wild turkey hunts. “NWTF 365” will replace “Turkey Call” during the third and fourth quarters on the Pursuit Channel. Viewers will be able to watch all the great turkey hunting action in the spring when “Turkey Call” comes back for another season in January.

Viewers also will be able to watch “NWTF 365” online at Each new episode will be available for viewing seven days after its initial airing.

Show Airtimes

Channel 604 PRST Channel 393 HUNT Search Pursuit Channel Pursuit Channel app on Google Play

Tuesdays: 5:30 p.m.
Thursdays: 1 a.m.
Saturdays: 6:30 p.m.
Sundays: 10 p.m.

All times are Eastern Standard Time
Be sure to check local listings for exact times and channel in your area.

Episode Lineup

Week of November 3 - Arkansas Ducks
This week on "NWTF 365," we're heading to Arkansas with NWTF member Travis Sumner to see if he can bring home some Arkansas ducks.

Week of October 27 - Maintaining Your Hunting Focus
This week on "NWTF 365," we're talking to some of the best deer hunters in the country to find out how they maintain their focus when the hunting turns tough. We'll also follow Matt Duffy on a deer hunt.

Week of October 20 - Chasing Doves
This week on "NWTF 365," we're kicking off the fall hunting season with some dove hunting. We will share advice on planning and planting a dove field as well as some dove hunting tips.

Week of October 13 - Wildlife Farms
This week on "NWTF 365," we're heading to Wildlife Farms in Arkansas to hunt some ducks and Travis Sumner will teach us how to use a duck call.

Week of October 6 - Whitetail Bow Hunting
This week on "NWTF 365," we head out west to hunt some monster bucks with a bow and arrow.

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