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Dutch Fork, SC - 10/02/2014
Columbia, SC 29212

NWTF Gun Rack Scot Marcin - 10/03/2014
Edgefield, SC 29824

Little River, SC - 11/06/2014
Abbeville, SC 29620

Edgefield Local Chapter, SC - 11/20/2014
Edgefield, SC 29824

Piedmont, SC - 11/30/2014
Union, SC 29379

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"Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt." TV

"Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt." TV features NWTF biologists and staff showing viewers the best ways to bring wildlife to their property.

Along with biologists and industry specialists, NWTF experts provide habitat management and hunting tips that will improve wildlife species and your success.

Be sure to tune in to the best habitat and hunting show available on the Pursuit Channel, watch "Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt." Click here to view full episodes online.

Show Air Times

Channel 604 PRST  Channel 393 HUNT

Wednesdays: 9:30 p.m.
Thursdays: 5:30 p.m.
Sundays: 10:30 p.m.

All times are Eastern Standard Time

Starting June 30 show times will be:
Wednesdays: 9:30 p.m.
Thursdays: 5:00 p.m.
Sundays: 11:30 p.m.

Be sure to check local listings for exact times and channel in your area.

"Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt." How-to Guides:

Missed out on one of our how-to guides? Click on the guide to download it.

Episode Lineup

Week of September 8: Turkey Gun Mods for Small Game
If you're watching this show, chances are you have a pretty nice turkey gun. This week on "Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt.," we're going to show you how to save some money by modify your turkey gun so that you can hunt doves with it.

Week of September 1: How to Train Your Dog
Not all dogs are going to be grand champions, but with a little time each day, you can gain a new four-legged hunting buddy. This week on "Save The Habitat. Save The Hunt.," we're going to show you how to take that puppy and get it ready for the hunt.

Week of August 25: Breaking Bad Soil
The condition of your soil is what makes the biggest difference between a healthy food plot and a barren wasteland. No soil is perfect, but even bad soil can be tamed. This week on "Save The Habitat. Save The Hunt.," we're going to show you how to break that bad soil and create a productive food plot from it.

Week of August 18: All About Quail
Hunting quail has always been a favorite pastime of many landowners and hunters across the country. There is nothing quite like the sight and sound of a flushing covey of quail. Over the past 60, we've seen a massive drop in quail population, largely due to loss of habitat. This week on "Save The Habitat. Save The Hunt.," we're talking quail - from creating habitat for them to hunting them.

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