America's Colonial Forests

From the boggy backwaters of Maine to the mountains of West Virginia, early settlers battled nature and the elements to establish a new life in a new land. Today, we must fight to keep that land working for wildlife and the people who call it home. We can’t go back in time, but we can do our part to reclaim what must have made those first steps in America so beautiful.

Habitat loss: Young forests provide essential nesting cover and are critical to wild turkey survival. New Hampshire has lost 90 percent of its young forest habitat in the past 30 years due to the reduction of active timber management and changes in land use.

Forests: Lack of timber harvests, inadequate markets and the reduced application of prescribed fire have made our northern forests over-mature and less productive for wildlife.

Winter survival: Brutal winter weather and the lack of habitat diversity have had an increasingly negative impact on wild turkeys in recent years.

The NWTF will take the next steps to a beautiful America:

  • Our volunteers, wildlife biologists, foresters and partners have joined forces to actively manage forests for the betterment of wild turkeys and other wildlife. Active timber management and the use of prescribed fire will keep our forests healthy and diverse. 
  • We’ll make existing hardwood habitat the best it can be for wildlife, allowing game species to thrive and giving the endangered ones a fighting chance. Conservation easements will ensure the remaining habitat stays intact.

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