America's Crossroads

America’s Midwest is as diverse as its land use. It’s where hard working families farm, mine and log to provide resources for our nation. Midwesterners cherish the recreational opportunities the land offers and building a strong family legacy tied to the land. Join us as we work together to rebuild our heartland home.

Forests provide essential wildlife habitat for many species. But lack of active forest management has led to an over-abundance of mature oaks and an influx of invasive species, such as honeysuckle and buckthorn.

Water: Trees and shrubs are vital to the quality and quantity of the area’s creeks and rivers. They filter agricultural nutrients, prevent erosion and provide wildlife habitat.

Grasslands: Less than 1 percent of our country’s native tall grass prairies are still intact. We must be proactive to restore and enhance these remaining areas for the benefit of wildlife.

The NWTF will rebuild our heartland home:

  • Our volunteers, wildlife biologists, foresters and partners have joined forces to actively manage forests and grasslands for the betterment of wildlife and the people who enjoy them. Habitat management such as timber harvest,  forest thinnings and prescribed fire will keep our land healthy.
  • We will work with landowners and partners to continue supporting sustainable farming and natural resource practices that enhance wildlife habitat and protect water resources.

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