America's Mid-South Rebirth

America’s Mid-South is charactarized by upland hardwood forests dominated by oaks, which provide critical food and habitat for wildlife. Yet oak forests are rapidly declining.  Join us as we fight to bring back the oak forests of our south.

Habitat loss: Development and urban sprawl are rapidly altering the southern landscape. We must recognize the value and importance of active stewardship and management of our remaining habitat to slow the pace of development.

Forests: Young oak savannahs are critical to forest wildlife. Oak-dominated forests require active management, such as timber harvest, thinning and prescribed fire to regenerate. We must commit to active management so wildlife can flourish.

Water: Wetlands provide critical habitat for one-third of endangered plants and animals in the United States. They also are important for flood protection and groundwater recharge. They’re also natural filters that help provide clean water.

The NWTF will bring back the oak forests of our south:

  • Our volunteers, wildlife biologists, foresters and partners will join together to  help landowners actively manage their forests for improved wildlife habitat and sustainable economic returns while still keeping forestlands forested.
  • Increased active forest and widlife management will keep forests healthy and financially viable, thereby improving habitat for wild turkeys and other wildlife, including threatened and endangered species.

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