America's Southern Piney Woods

Healthy forests are economically important and their natural diversity provides great wildlife habitat. But the wildlife potential of many southern forests is unrealized due to the lack of active forest management. We must maintain and promote forest diversity in the South. It’s time for a southern pine revival. 

Habitat loss: Development and urban sprawl are rapidly altering the southern landscape. We must recognize the value and importance of active stewardship and managemment of our remaining habitat to slow the pace of development.

Habitat diversity: Restoring and maintaining a diversity of southern habitat types, including wildlife openings and native ground cover, will provide excellent wildlife habitat and environmental benefits, such as clean air and water.

Healthy forests: Active management, including timber harvests, thinnings and prescribed fire, creates and maintains healthy, diverse forests of varied ages and species, which provide the quality habitat wildlife needs to thrive.

The NWTF will lead a southern pine revival:

  • Our volunteers,wildlife biologists, foresters and partners have joined forces to actively manage forests for the betterment of wildlife and the people who enjoy them. We subscribe to the philosophy of “turn it and burn it,” using thinning and prescribed fire to keep forests healthy.
  • We’ll work to restore and maintain the endangered longleaf pine ecosystem and ensure southern forests are managed for sustainable economic benefits while providing qualilty wildlife habitat.

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