America's Western Wildlands

Wildlife habitat in the West spans from desert to high mountain tundra. The diversity of its vast countryside is what makes it a destination for hunters, travelers and wildlife watchers. Maintaining this diversity requires our help. Join us as we fight to keep the west wild.

Forests: Catastrophic wildfires have destroyed more than 15 million acres across the West in the last 15 years. That’s more than six times the size of Yellowstone National Park.

Water: The West’s waterways are the lifeblood of plants, animals and people. Invasive species such as salt cedar and Russian olive rob us of this precious resource.

Prairies are being taken over by invasive species, like junipers and cheat grass, which are choking out native species that benefit wildlife including wild turkeys.

The NWTF will win back the west:

  • Our volunteers, wildlife biologists, foresters and partners have joined forces to actively manage forests and grasslands for the betterment of wildlife and the people who enjoy them. Habitat management such as thinning forests and prescribed fire will keep these areas healthy and help reduce future catastrophic wildfires.
  • We are fighting the war against invasive species to restore native ecosystems for more productive waterways and wildlife habitat.

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