NWTF and Partners Urge Legislators to Keep Public Access Open for Lands and Waterways


EDGEFIELD, S.C. — The National Wild Turkey Federation recently partnered with numerous outdoor organizations urging legislators nationwide to keep access to public lands and waterways open for public use.

A letter on behalf of the NWTF and more than 50 other outdoor organizations highlighted the importance of outdoor recreation as a means for food and solace for individuals and families, while also providing a safe and inherent way to practice social distancing.

The letter stated to legislators, “Nature is an ideal place to keep safe distances among people while simultaneously allowing citizens educational and recreational experiences that provide health and hope. Now, more than ever, Americans need to have the ability to access these lands for a variety of reasons, including hunting and fishing, to provide food for their families.”

The letter specifically requested in-season recreation activities, including turkey hunting, remain unaltered.

“In particular, please consider maintaining the openness of opportunities for the hunting of spring turkey and bear, and other in-season species, as well as fishing and recreational shooting opportunities that are timely right now. The spring hunting season is upon us, and if your state’s wildlife management areas and other public lands remain open, this will provide an opportunity for the solitary and safe pursuit of hunting,” the letter to legislators stated.

The letter also informs legislators of a social media campaign, #ResponsibleRecreation, the NWTF conceptualized.

“Not only are hunting and fishing great ways to put the mind at ease, they are also avenues to practice social distancing,” NWTF CEO Becky Humphries said.

Read the full letter to legislators.