Be part of our convention, virtually!

To our supporters,

Our National Convention and Sport Show offers so much for those that cherish the outdoor lifestyle like we do. But, the best thing about our National Convention and Sport Show is the comradery – the ability to walk up to a complete stranger and be united by the passion that we all possess.

Though we will miss the face-to-face interactions at the 2021 Convention and Sport Show, we still want you to join us in sharing your passion for all things outdoors.

We encourage you to share your photos, videos, stories and anything related to the outdoor lifestyle, so we can build them in as part of the virtual show.

Did you take someone for their first hunt this year? Did you harvest the buck of a lifetime? Did you catch your limit of snapper or trout? Did you get any new taxidermy? Did you cook any new wild game dishes? Did you and your friends enjoy a cold beverage even though you didn’t shoot anything?

Please tell us about it! We are not able to see you this year, so we would love for you to share your outdoor lifestyle with us.

We want to share with our digital audience what an incredible group of supporters we have.

Submit your photos and videos to, and if you have a story you would like to share, let us know and we will have someone contact you about the best way to share it.

Though we will not be together physically to experience the sights and sounds that we are used to, we still have the chance to come together as a community.

Let’s make this one-time, virtual Convention and Sport Show one for the books that we can look back on.

We look forward to hearing from you and will be seeing you all soon (virtually)!