Brand Evolution FAQ

Your answers to some of the most frequently asked questions in regard to the NWTF's brand evolution.

Is the goal to eventually move away from your traditional base in order to grow membership?

Our focus on growth is mission critical for us to continue to be successful. However, we will not ever stray from the turkey hunter. They are, and always will be, at the heart of our mission. We simply wouldn't be NWTF without turkey hunters. Period. And we also want to be prepared to grow our appeal with similar audiences. After the next 1-3 years, we want to be ready to leverage our new growth with turkey hunters to help broaden those we appeal to, especially hunters of other species and non-hunters who can be encouraged to become hunters.

Did NWTF hire an outside firm to help develop the brand?

Yes, we hired an outside firm to better help us see opportunities that are difficult to see on our own, especially regarding how to better appeal to a younger and broader demographic. This decision was based directly on the expressed concerns and requests of our volunteers.

Is the firm NWTF hired familiar with the outdoor industry and turkey hunting?

The marketing firm we are working with, The Truth,, is very well versed in the outdoor space. They have several passionate conservation-minded hunters on the team and have performed brand work for the likes of Browning, Winchester, Marmot, and Under Armour Outdoors. In addition, they also draw from a wide range of significant brand work in other categories that inspires new opportunities for us and our industry.

How did NWTF arrive at the decision that a brand evolution is necessary?

Better marketing of our organization is mission critical. Our membership is quickly aging out of hunting and our organization's endeavors are simply not sustainable without replacing them. Yet, the things that make NWTF so attractive to our members that have been here awhile are just a little different than the new crowd...but they aren't incompatible either! It's simply a matter of better communicating our overlapping values. After hearing of the need from our staunchest supporters, we chose to focus in and act on telling our story in a better way in order to attract new members without forgetting about who helped us to be who we are now.

Why did NWTF choose now to embark on a brand evolution?

Rebranding can feel like a big change at any time. However, after a year of turbulence in nearly every corner of life we have an incredibly rare opportunity to reset without any more disturbance than we have already felt. We will be prepared to come back to our regular activity with a fresh perspective ready to meet new members. Gaining new membership is critical to our mission success, and we don't feel we are prepared to do so without this endeavor.

How did NWTF arrive at its new logo?

The logo was chosen based on it being the best style to reflect the traits of our organization that are also critical to attracting a broader, especially younger, demographic of members. This logo tested especially well with people 45 years old and younger while still appealing to an older demographic. It was formally tested, along with many others, using industry standard processes and included a representative sample of turkey hunters, hunters and outdoors men/women.

Will NWTF still be focusing on turkey research, population decline and direct turkey habitat projects?

Yes, as always, we will be focusing on all of these turkey specific areas as well as, we hope, many new ones. Thanks to our membership, volunteers and staff we have been extremely successful in meeting our operational goals. But our responsibility to do our part with the wild turkey isn't ever going away. We will have new goals, our service will continue and we will deliver.

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