NWTF Bringing Your Stories to 50th Anniversary Book

The National Wild Turkey Federation has partnered with Publishing Concepts, Inc. to bring our 50th anniversary alive with your stories.

A story is defined as being an account of past events in someone’s life or in the evolution of something. There are great stories out there ― some of unbelievable triumph in the face of adversity, others of unthinkable heartbreak and still some that motivate us to be better humans.

The story of the NWTF is like no other, and as our 50th anniversary draws closer, we want to share it with others. Founded in 1973, the NWTF was by all standards, a small start-up conservation organization. In just under 50 years, look where we are today: One of the most well-respected and effective conservation organizations in the United States. Our mission, to conserve the wild turkey and to preserve our hunting heritage, has been the guiding light all these years.

In our past, there have been great leaders, visionary researchers and dedicated partners. But there has also been one part of the organization that has truly led our efforts: you, our members.

Each of us has a story and we are excited to hear yours. We are looking for stories of conservation work, mentoring the next generation of hunters, how/when you first became a hunter, what drew you to the NWTF, hunting traditions you and your hunting family share, stories of friendships made through the NWTF and any other story you would like to share with us. Finding those snapshots in time that depict who you are and the work you have done over the past five decades is important to our history.

Some of your stories we know. Some we have not had the privilege to hear. Please share those stories with the PCI team as they reach out via email and phone in the near future to collect your NWTF memories and piece together a 50th anniversary book worthy of all of our significant accomplishments.