NWTF Indiana Conserving Habitat

Every year, NWTF chapters and members contribute many resources to help conserve wildlife habitat.

The Indiana NWTF State Board has set goals to conserve 2,000 acres of habitat and recruit 600 acres of hunting access during each year of the 10 year Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. initiative.

These seem like lofty goals but, in 2015 the NWTF, with assistance from our conservation partners, were able to help conserve 3,456 acres and create 2,154 acres of public hunting land access. NWTF conservation staff and volunteers in Indiana work diligently to secure matching dollars (sometimes at rates exceeding 10:1) from our state, federal and non-profit conservation partners to help in our efforts of conserving wildlife habitat throughout Indiana.

The Indiana chapter receives many project and equipment requests for habitat conservation throughout the year, and each project proposal is scored to determine if these are quality projects that are contributing towards our mission. The state board then decides which projects are funded and where funds will be spent.

2016 has started out with a bang by unveiling our new Indiana Conservation Seed Program. Pat McFadden, NWTF Indiana state habitat coordinator, unveiled this new program during the conservation workshops at the Indiana State Banquet in Indianapolis in January.

This new program was approved by the state board of directors during the January state board meeting. The regional directors helped spread the word, and a total of 208 bags of seed were ordered and delivered, impacting roughly 287.5 acres.

The habitat coordinator and the NWTF regional biologist worked in conjunction with the Michigan NWTF state chapter and Wildlife Seed Supply to give the NWTF members in Indiana the opportunity to order quality seed varieties at drastically reduced prices.

In addition, we recently created an NWTF Private Landowner Technical Assistance Form to help guide landowner efforts to enhance and manage their properties to benefit wildlife.

If you have any questions on Indiana’s Conservation Programs, Indiana’s Conservation Seed Program, or the Technical Assistance Form please contact the Habitat Coordinator Pat McFadden at mcfadden.nwtf@gmail.com or 765-490-0385. 

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