You Answered the Call; What's Next?


The National Wild Turkey Federation and its supporters celebrated a momentous accomplishment. Thanks to its dedicated volunteers, members, staff and the outdoor and conservation communities, the NWTF surpassed its Call for All campaign goal to raise $5 million by Aug. 31, by raising $7,322,800.

280 local and state NWTF chapters from across the country donated funds towards the $5 million goal, totaling $1,024,100.

“The support we received from our local and state chapters is a powerful reminder that the NWTF truly operates as a federation,” NWTF CEO Becky Humphries said. “Without our state and local chapters working for our mission, the NWTF would not exist.”

In addition to the support from NWTF state and local chapters, outdoor brands such as Federal Premium Ammunition, Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s, Woodhaven Custom Calls, Nomad and many more supporters of the NWTF’s Call for All offered donation incentives or provided their own gift to the campaign.

“We have the greatest partners in the outdoor industry,” Humphries said. “Everyone has been affected by COVID-19, and the fact that they still stepped up means a lot; they are equally as dedicated to our mission as we are.”  

However, the long-term financial future of the NWTF lies in the ability of the organization to continue its fundraising success as COVID-19’s impact in 2021 is still uncertain.

A major factor allowing the NWTF to attain its ambitious Call for All goal was the way the organization adapted and improvised as COVID-19 hindered traditional fundraising banquets. The NWTF hosted an array of online experiences and engaged its membership and online audience like never before through virtual auctions, banquets, raffles, musical performances, educational seminars and even a 12-hour telethon. These types of events are expected to continue into the fall despite banquets resuming in some regions of the country.

“We accomplished an ambitious and extraordinary goal with our Call for All campaign,” Humphries said. “However, we must continue the momentum and energy. Share online events with friends and family, participate in them, attend a fall banquet where you can, get involved with your local chapter and get outdoors to introduce someone to hunting. We still have a lot of work to do.”  

To find more information about live and virtual events in your area, visit or follow the NWTF on its social media platforms.