Our State Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. Goals

NWTF Delaware will conserve or enhance 11,000 acres of wildlife habitat in the next decade.
NWTF Delaware will work hard not to lose the number of hunters it currently has.
NWTF Delaware will open 1,000 acres of hunting access in the next decade.
  • NWTF Delaware improves existing wildlife habitat in the state as well as acquires new acres of habitat.
  • NWTF Delaware educates the next generation of conservationists through mentored hunts and introductory shooting events.
  • NWTF Delaware works to increase access for hunters on public lands by acquiring new areas and working with state and federal agencies to open more land to hunting.

At the National Wild Turkey Federation, the outdoors isn’t just what’s on the other side of the glass, it’s where we feel most alive. And we’re making America the best it can be for the people and wildlife who call it home. The NWTF has divided the country in six areas — America’s Big Six of Wildlife Conservation — to focus our effort on the most critical upland wildlife needs.  

Delaware is part of America’s Colonial Forests. NWTF Delaware is committed to maintain healthy hardwood forests, stop habitat loss, increase habitat diversity and winter wildlife survival.

Learn more about America's Big Six of Wildlife Conservation

Team Delaware


Mitchell Blake
District Biologist
(814) 977-0007
Doug Little
Director of Conservation Operations - East
(518) 239-4427
Phil Ferrare
Director of Field Operations - Northeast
(814) 796-6983
Barry Woods
National Director of Event Fundraising
(620) 417-0692
Scott Wojton
Regional Director
Zac Morton
Director of Development
Tom Spezze
National Director of Field Conservation

Technical Committee

Justyn Foth
Environmental Scientist III Waterfowl, Turkey, and Upland Gamebird Biologist


Charles Spray
Save the Hunt Coordinator

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