Our State Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. Goals

NWTF Idaho manages land for the betterment of wildlife wildlife.
NWTF Idaho believes the future of hunting and conservation rests in recruiting more hunters.
NWTF Idaho understands public access to hunting grounds is critical to the future of our sport.
  • If you enjoy wildlife, wild places and our hunting heritage, you’re in right place and with the right people.
  • NWTF volunteers and partners have an initiative called Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. with three national goals: conserve/enhance 4 million acres of critical wildlife wildlife habitat, recruit 1.5 million hunters, and open access to 500,000 new acres for hunting.
  • Join the ranks of thousands of NWTF volunteers — a winning team committed to saving what’s important to them and you. Ask your NWTF representative how.

At the National Wild Turkey Federation, the outdoors isn’t just what’s on the other side of the glass, it’s where we feel most alive. And we’re making America the best it can be for the people and wildlife who call it home. The NWTF has divided the country in six areas — America’s Big Six of Wildlife Conservation — to focus our effort on the most critical wildlife habitat needs.

Idaho is part of America’s Western Wildlands. NWTF Idaho is committed to improve forest health and water quality and restore native prairies.

Learn more about America's Big Six of Wildlife Conservation

Team Idaho


Collin Smith
District Biologist
(406) 600-9241
Sarah Johnson
Patricia Dorsey
Director of Conservation Operations - West
Jason Tarwater
Regional Director
(785) 221-6515
Barnabas Koka
Director of Field Operations West
(208) 469-0001
Barry Woods
National Director of Event Fundraising
(620) 417-0692
Tom Spezze
National Director of Field Conservation

Technical Committee

Jeffrey Knetter
Upland Game & Migratory Game Bird Coordinator


Don Jenkins
Save the Hunt Coordinator

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