Our State Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. Goals

NWTF Iowa will conserve or enhance 25,000 acres of wildlife habitat in the next decade.
NWTF Iowa believes hunters are vital to wildlife conservation.
NWTF Iowa will improve hunting access to 20,000 acres in the next decade.
  • NWTF Iowa treasures its grasslands, open woodlands and forests and vows to do its part to make them the best for wildlife and the people who enjoy them.
  • NWTF Iowa has committed its resources and is actively forming partnerships to acquire more land for wildlife habitat and hunting.

At the National Wild Turkey Federation, the outdoors isn’t just what’s on the other side of the glass, it’s where we feel most alive. And we’re making America the best it can be for the people and wildlife who call it home. The NWTF has divided the country in six areas — America’s Big Six of Wildlife Conservation — to focus our effort on the most critical wildlife habitat needs.  

Iowa is part of America’s Crossroads. NWTF Iowa is committed to improve water quality and forest health and restore grasslands.

Learn more about America's Big Six of Wildlife Conservation

Team Iowa


Barry Woods
Senior DFO - West Central, Northwest and Gulf States
(620) 417-0692
Jamie Hollins
Regional Director
(309) 781-3849
Dan Martin
Regional Director
Ben Terrill
Regional Director
(402) 649-9421
Brian Zielinski
Director of Conservation Operations
(386) 740-7107
Jason Lupardus
Conservation Field Manager
Rick Horton
District Biologist
(218) 326-8800

Technical Committee

James Coffey
Wildlife Technician II


Stacey Smith
Save the Hunt Coordinator

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