Our State Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. Goals

NWTF Wisconsin will conserve or enhance 220,000 acres of wildlife habitat in the next decade.
NWTF Wisconsin will recruit 35,000 hunters in the state over the next 10 years.
NWTF Wisconsin will create 15,000 acres of hunting access in the next decade.
  • NWTF Wisconsin improves wildlife habitat by expanding its conservation-based seed program for private landowners. It also works with state and federal wildlife agency partners on critical habitat projects. The state puts a focus on oak management, forest openings, private lands and winter food.
  • NWTF Wisconsin and its partners recruit hunters and conservationists through hunter education, Learn to Hunt programs and mentored hunts.
  • NWTF Wisconsin works with partners to increase hunting access to public and private lands.

At the National Wild Turkey Federation, the outdoors isn’t just what’s on the other side of the glass, it’s where we feel most alive. And we’re making America the best it can be for the people and wildlife who call it home. The NWTF has divided the country in six areas — America’s Big Six of Wildlife Conservation — to focus our effort on the most critical wildlife habitat needs.  

Wisconsin is part of America’s Great Open Spaces. NWTF Wisconsin is committed to improve forest health and water quality, and restore native prairies.

Learn more about America’s Big Six of Wildlife Conservation

Team Wisconsin


Crystal Bailey
(608) 977-0149
John Motoviloff
Hunter Recruitment, Retention and Reactivation Coordinator
Clayton Lenk
District Biologist
Jared McJunkin
Director of Conservation Operations - Central
(785) 844-1055
Charley Burke
Regional Director
(608) 634-3886
Daron Bohn
Regional Director
(920) 470-7424
Phil Ferrare
Director of Field Operations - Northeast
(814) 796-6983
Barry Woods
National Director of Event Fundraising
(620) 417-0692
Tom Glines
Director of Development
(612) 810-7704
Tom Spezze
National Director of Field Conservation

Technical Committee

Mark Witecha
Upland Wildlife Ecologist


John Cler
Save the Hunt Coordinator

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