Longleaf ecosystem restoration in Mississippi

The NWTF and the USDA National Resources Conservation Services partnered in NWTF’s Gulf Flatwoods focal landscape to enhance wildlife habitat.

Brookewood Farm in Mississippi, located just east of Picayune, has about 4,350 acres of early successional habitat indicative of the classic longleaf pine ecosystem. 

Brookewood Farm’s main goal for the last 15 years has been to create an educational representation of what the classic longleaf landscape once looked like. By focusing on longleaf ecosystem restoration, Brookewood has leveraged NRCS funds in this effort, creating quality habitat for many species in the process.

Through NWTF and NRCS funds, 1,200 acres of controlled burns are conducted annually, in addition to the 200 acres of invasive cogon grass control and the establishment of 1,100 acres of native longleaf pine.

These enhancements directly benefitted wild turkeys, bobwhite quail, gopher tortoise and white-tailed deer. 

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