ATV enhanced

America has a love affair with ATVs, and their high costs lead to more and more hunters defending the wheeled expense. In addition to plowing snow and hauling firewood, add farming a food plot to the list. For small food plots, ATV-matched mini equipment works well. Sister companies have jumped on the ATV bandwagon to manufacture disks, drags, seeders, sprayers and even all-in-one food plot machines like the Plotmaster. This handy device disks, plows, levels, seeds, sprays, aerates and compacts.

Although you can go all out with your ATV implements, you can also be thrifty. Use the help of your four-wheeler to do small-scale plots.A drag section provides the soil preparation and works especially well on plots harrowed in the past by larger implements. Follow the trail of past farmers. Seeding and fertilizing is handled with a hand spreader, and if weeds need to be sprayed, a hand sprayer can be attached to your ATV.

A plot that can be very beneficial is one planted along a creek bottom in a semi-arid zone. The fall plot usually greens up with autumn showers and provides a carpet of nutrition and an ambush location for deer and turkeys.

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