Canyon Access Initiative

12,500 acres of land are open for public access in the Loess Canyon area of Nebraska, thanks in part to the contributions from the National Wild Turkey Federation and a variety of other partners to Nebraska Game and Parks Commission’s via the Canyon Access Initiative.

The Canyon Access Initiative ventures to open private land to the public for hunting and recreation. The NWTF “has supported the NGPC’s Canyon Access Initiative for each of the last five years with Super Fund awards,” said Jim Pitman, NWTF district biologist. “The NWTF has contributed $52,500, and partner contributions have totaled $277,033. Private landowner enrollment in the program has increased each year in part due to the contributions from NWTF.” 

NWTF’s contributions have helped incentivize payments to landowners, which has increased participation.  

Robust turkey populations and thriving game species such as mule deer and elk have made the Loess Canyon area of Nebraska a sought after area for hunters. Through NWTF and partner funding, the Loess Canyon area is more accessible to the public than ever before

— David Gladkowski

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