Changing of the Seasons

For turkey hunters, our eyes are on the present season all the way until things start to wind down and eventually come to a close. But almost immediately, the gaze and anticipation shift to the next season.

Towards the end of the 2022 spring turkey hunting season, Becky Humphries announced her time as CEO of the National Wild Turkey Federation will be coming to an end. With the National Board of Directors announcement on May 12 of Jason Burckhalter and Kurt Dyroff as the organization’s new co-CEOs, all eyes are focusing on the future and anticipation is building for a new season for the NWTF.

“We are part of the greatest conservation story in American history,” Dyroff said. “But as was the case in the early years, there is still work to be done, and we need to bring every turkey hunter and outdoors enthusiast into the flock.”

“Volunteers are the lifeblood of the NWTF,” Burckhalter said. “It is our goal to engage volunteers like never before. With our volunteers and staff working together, there’s nothing we cannot accomplish.” 

Dyroff and Burckhalter understand the overall health of the country’s wild turkey population is facing challenges with some areas experiencing decline. That is why the co-CEOs are ready to roll up their sleeves to get to work for the bird, turkey hunters and the organization.

“We will be making a larger investment in wild turkey research than we have in recent years,” Dyroff said. “Jason and I are committed to strengthening our research programs and developing strategies to tackle these issues with swift and effective action.”

The co-CEOs intend to use the organization’s last 50 years of conservation and hunting heritage success as a springboard to propel the organization into the future.

“Just as was true when the NWTF was founded, it will take everyone who values our outdoor traditions and lifestyle to make a lasting impact,” Burckhalter said. “We want to remind everyone of the breadth of the NWTF’s mission and welcome all turkey hunters, partners and allies to help us deliver on our mission — the conservation of the wild turkey and its habitat, as well as the preservation of our hunting heritage — to ensure generations after us continue to have turkey seasons to enjoy.” 

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