Conservation Seed

The NWTF Conservation Seed Program helps seed companies distribute outdated commercial seed that can only be used for conservation purposes. The companies dispose of the surplus, treated seeds they can no longer sell by providing it to the NWTF. The NWTF is then responsible for pick up, storage and transportation of the seed to the chapters which provide the seed at a nominal cost to NWTF members for wildlife conservation and land management.

Seed can only be distributed to chapters in large quantities, such as half or full semi-truck loads. Chapters are only responsible for covering the cost of shipping and handling. While chapters cannot sell the seed to make a profit or use it as a fundraiser, they may recoup expenses of shipping, handling and any additional storage fees that may apply.

There are strict guidelines for how a chapter uses the seed they receive through the NWTF Conservation Seed Program. All individuals receiving seed must be an NWTF member, plant the seed for wildlife only (not for feeding livestock) and sign a stewardship agreement showing the understanding of the stipulations.

Local and state chapters should work with their regional field staff to determine how the conservation seed can further their conservation programs. Visit the “In Your State” section of the website to find contact information for regional director in your area.

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